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Chametz after Pesach 2015

It is prohibited Rabbinically to purchase Chametz after Pesach from a Jew who maintained Chametz in his possession over the course of the holiday of Pesach. This is referred to in Rabbinic literature as Chametz She Avar Alav HaPesach

The definition of Chametz is any product that consists of the five major grains including wheat, barley, oat, rye, or spelt in a significant concentration.

There is no prohibition to purchase Chametz from a non-Jew who was in the possession of Chametz over Pesach.

The list below consists of establishments where one may and may not purchase Chametz from after Pesach. The stores listed which one may purchase from immediately following Pesach are either because there is no Jewish ownership, or because a valid sale of Chametz by the Jewish owner to a non-Jew under the auspices of a Rabbi was executed.

The stores listed where one may not purchase Chametz immediately after Pesach are either Jewish owned or supplied.

The list below is the most current as we go to print. Please understand that new information may become available as Pesach approaches.

We suggest that you please contact your Rav for any further clarification or understanding relating to the issue of Chametz after Pesach

Chametz may be purchased from the following stores immediately after Pesach 2015:

All Capitol K establishments and caterers.

National stores

B.J.’s, Costco, C.V.S., Food Lion, K-Mart, Mars, Petco, Petsmart, Royal Farms, Rite-Aid, Sam’s Discount Warehouse, Save A’ Lot, Shopper’s food, Trader Joe’s, Walmart, Wegmans, Walgreens, Win Dixie

Stores in our community

Aldi’s, Brookville Market, H-Mart, Harris Teeter, Mom’s, Potomac Wine and Spirit’s, Shop Rite of White Oak, Whole Foods

Chametz may only be purchased from Snider’s beginning four weeks after Pesach.

Due to possible Chometz distributed by a Jewish company, if one has an option of purchasing Chometz from other stores, it is commendable not to purchase Chometz from Giant, Safeway, and Target until four weeks after Pesach.

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